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British Krav Maga recognised Training

Krav Maga Workington is a nationally accredited Krav Maga school. We offer recognised training and grading in authentic Israeli Krav Maga.

Always look for the British Krav Maga quality mark logo.

Authentic Krav Maga in Workington.

Welcome to Krav Maga Workington, home to professional self defence coaching and instruction in Krav Maga. This is an official British Krav Maga school run by local Krav Maga instructor Shaun Weir. Contact us today for your free taster session and try Krav Maga for yourself.

Krav Maga Workington is different. It's techniques have evolved through over 70 years of active service. Used by law enforcement agencies and military units around the world, Krav Maga is simple, proven, and fast to learn. For fitness, conditioning and effective self protection, it is without equal.

British Krav Maga classes are gritty and challenging, there’s no room for ‘attitude’. No belts. No bull. No rank and file. Just a chance to learn something about yourself through the challenge of Krav Maga.

Intensity forges better people. Train with us and discover your mettle.